Camping Information

What do I bring to camp?
Sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, towels, toiletries, Bible, sports clothes, jacket, flashlight, sunscreen, sneakers, and spending money for snack shop, camp store, craft shop, and paintball.
How much spending money should I send with my camper?
There is no specific answer for that. Meals* and required activities are included in the camp registration. Spending money is only “needed” for optional items. A general list of optional activities include:

  1. Lake Day – $3
  2. Paint ball – $10
  3. T-shirts & Novelties in camp store – varies
  4. Coffee Shop – all drinks $3
  5. Snack Shop (candy, snacks, drinks) –  most are $1.
  6. Snack Shop Ice Cream – $2-$3

*excludes special dietary requirements.

What should I do for a special dietary need?
All meals are included in the price of the camping program. Those on special diets must bring their own necessary supplements. A refrigerator and microwave is available for your usage in preparation. A menu can be obtained with 2 weeks advanced notice. For specific dietary questions, call the food director  at 484-218-8146 or email
Is there anything I'm not allowed to bring?
Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, radios, CD/tape/MP3 players, CELL PHONES, computer games, TVs, magazines, knives, fireworks, any tight or short clothing, and NO animals of any kind.
Is there a dress code?
CAMPER DRESS: In striving to maintain modesty, please use the following dress guidelines.
Recreational Dress: Loose-fitting, hand width above the knee length or longer shorts; loose-fitting pants or capris; modest, loose-fitting tops. No tank tops of any kind.
Bathing suits: One-piece swimsuit, or “tankini” style suit that meets in the middle.
Recreational Dress: No muscle shirts of any kind.
Swimwear: Boxer type swim suit.
Please avoid clothing with any inappropriate advertising.
*We reserve the right to request a change in any clothing or behavior deemed inappropriate.
What are the camp's expectations for camper conduct and behavior?
As a Christian organization, Camp Calvary maintains high standards of conduct and separation. Campers who use tobacco, alcohol or any form of illegal drugs will be discharged. Any campers who are uncooperative or non-compliant are subject to dismissal without refund.
When do we swim?
Separate swim times will be scheduled for men and ladies.
Is there boating on the grounds?
All boating and sailing is done off the camp property at Blue Marsh Reservoir.
Does the camp have a First-Aid station?
A health care provider will be on call as needed. Special instructions will be given at camp for those taking medications.
What happens if I lose something? Is there a lost and found policy?
Lost items not requested in two weeks’ time will be discarded. Requested items will be returned via US mail and monies due will be your responsibility.

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Overnight Accommodations

Camp Calvary provides all of its campers and guests with a positive outdoor experience while still offering access to modern necessities.


The camp has eighteen cabins. Each cabin sleeps 13 in the front room in bunk beds, and 1 double bed in back private room. Cabins are a short walk to a modern bathhouse facility.

The Inn at Camp Calvary

12 private theme rooms in a spectacular setting. Now open!

Teaching Outdoors

Naturalist, natural history, and field sciences programs also create an opportunity for students to learn through a unique hands-on approach. Programs with backpacking, climbing, or canoeing components add hundreds of spectacular venues and more activities from which to learn.
Teaching in the outdoors can be an incredibly rewarding experience for educators, and it is a terrific way to reach and teach all students. By using Camp Calvary as your classroom, you will help your students make a connection with the natural world while making your lessons hands-on and fun.

Outdoor classrooms are...

  • Camp Calvary provides all of its campers and guests with a positive outdoor experience while still offering access to modern necessities.

Outdoor classrooms can...

  • Be never-ending sites for inquiry-based science
  • Address the different learning styles of students
  • Be developed into habitats for wildlife
  • Be used for reading circles, creative writing and observation
  • Weave content areas together

Students outdoors will...

  • Transform information and knowledge into experiences and skills
  • Explore their world, generating new ideas and creating drama toward learning
  • explore patterns, cycles, and change over time
  • escape from walls that are barriers to learning

Rental Guidelines

The rental group leader is responsible to inform all members of their group of the standards of the Camp Calvary ministry, and to provide specific supervision of their group during the duration of renting our facility with or without our staff being present.
A piano is present. Groups may bring keyboards and guitars The volume of music should be confined to the room in which it is being played. Projection and Computer (for power point presentations) and microphones available for use.
Dining Room
All meal times can be set by you, but must be within the 7:30 am – 7:00 pm time frame.
Activity times can be set by you but the game room, snack shop, coffee shop, activity center, and bookstore will be facilitated by our staff during the hours of 8:00 am – 12:00 pm time frame.
PDA (Public Displays of Affection)
Physical contact and public displays of affection by single men and women are discouraged. Married couples are encouraged to use discretion.
  • Modest and appropriate is the standard. Please no clothing with inappropriate, questionable or offensive logos, pictures or messages.
  • Shorts are permissible but should not be more than a hand’s width above the knee.
  • Shoes need to be worn at all times.
  • Swimsuits – Boxer type suits for boys/men and one piece or tankinis for girls/women. Please wear cover ups to and from the pond/pool.
Pond and Pool
  • A Camp Calvary certified lifeguard must be on duty prior to anyone entering.
  • All persons in the pond must wear a life vest.
Anything that is used, borrowed or moved needs to be returned to its’ original location.
Lights Out and Curfew
Times determined by rental group leader need to be followed.
Guests need to leave facilities in the same manner as they were found. Any damage needs to be reported and cost of repair will be billed to the Group leader.

Practical jokes that include water and/or shaving cream or other such substances are not permitted in or around the cabins or any buildings. The soccer field can be used for such things.

  • Offensive language or swearing is not acceptable.
  • The use of cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, illegal narcotics, fireworks and firearms are prohibited.
  • The entire camp facility is a smoke-free environment.

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Please call Camp Calvary at 717-933-8902 ext. 11 or email to contact Pastor Brian Wahlberg for all reservations. A camp contract and a 20% security deposit will be required.
  • Five-day Camps (Monday –Friday)-June-August – require paying for 175 campers minimum.
  • Weekend Camps (Fri/Sat or Fri-Sun) in June – August – require paying for 100 campers minimum.
Non-refundable deposits
All rental groups are confirmed when a signed contract plus a 20% non-refundable deposit is returned and received by our business office.
Dining Room
All meal times can be set by you, but must be within the 7:30 am – 7:00 pm time frame.
Exclusive Use
September – May rentals will sometimes be shared with other groups. Exclusive rentals for your group are possible but require 100 campers minimum.
Repeat Bookings
All groups are given the opportunity to rebook the same weekend for the next year if arrangements are made prior to leaving camp and if it fits within the overall camp schedule.
Rental Rates
Renting Camp Calvary is easy and affordable. Here are the current rental rates.
Sept - Mid May Retreats and Summer Weekends
  • $30.00 per person per day – partial or full day
  • $9.00 per person per meal
June - August (5 Day Camps)
A piano is present. Groups may bring keyboards and guitars. The volume of music should be confined to the room in which it is being played. Projection, computer (for PowerPoint presentations), and microphones available for use
Paint Ball Outings
  • Outside Course – $25 per person – Price includes, marker, mask, CO2 tank, lunch and six hours time slot.
  • Paintballs cost $5 per 100, $20 per 500 and $55 per case of 2000.
  • Indoor Course – $15 per person – Includes marker, mask, CO2 tank, paintballs are re-usable and two hour time slot

Located in Beautiful Bernville, PA

Camp Calvary offers fun and encouragement for churches, families, and people of all ages.

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